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Wax Melt 2oz Pug Pot BUNDLE  (50 aromas)

Wax Melt 2oz Pug Pot BUNDLE (50 aromas)

Here you are getting our 5 Pug Pots for £10 deal!  Just choose your five aromas from our vast selection. The Pug Pot is a fully loaded 2oz shot pot handpoured 100% soy wax.  These are a great way to buy and try several of our aromas.  These Pug Pugs are available in over 50 different aromas and being added to all the time.  Each pot holds a minimum of 40g soy wax.  These Pug Pots are such high quality that they will last for several burns and can be snapped in two to last even longer.  They typically give you over 60 hours of fragrance and the pot itself keeps your wax good for lengthy periods of time. 

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