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We Are Smug Pug Candle Company

Crafted with Care for a Better Tomorrow

About Us

Since we opened our doors in 2021, Smug Pug Candle Company has built a reputation for designing products of the finest quality. All our candles and melts are hand poured and produced in our quaint Scottish Glen.  Smug Pug is an eco-responsible producer.  Each item that ends up in your home is sourced, crafted and packaged with dedication and care.  Blaise (aged 13) started this business because he strongly believes in doing everything we can today to save our planet for the people of tomorrow.  We use no colourants or dyes, our products are a 100% soy - vegan, natural and eco-friendly.  They contain no toxins, pollutants or carcinogens.  We focus on the 5 R's - Reduce, Reuse, Replace, Renew and Recycle - in the hope of a better tomorrow.

Candle and Berries
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